Information Required

We have received an email from George Davis who is engaged in a quest for evidence of a V1 rocket he saw passing over Alexandra Road, Swallownest, about 9 pm on Dec 23 1944.  It was flying strongly westwards and was accompanied by an RAF fighter presumably attempting to “tip” it. He is seeking other witnesses or information about it.    Any help would be appreciated.

We have received several replies to our request for information and would like to thank all those who contacted us.

In the early hours of Christmas Eve, fifty Heinkel bombers, each carrying a V1, crossed the coast between Skegness and Mablethorpe and launched their weapons in the direction of Manchester.   North Sea fishermen reported some rockets failing to ignite and falling into the sea.   In total 31 of the bombs reached the target area with 15 falling on Manchester and the rest scattered over a wide area.

There are several reports of the bombs passing over our area, including one from Maltby, by someone who saw one heading west and also reports of explosions and damage to buildings and land in the Beighton and Killamarsh areas and near Bedgreave Mill.   The Beighton one landed at 5.40 am and this will be the one Mr. Davis saw.

For further reading have a look at the Aston Swallownest Aughton Fence etc. photographs on Facebook, Sheffield Forum – Sheffield History & Expats (V1 rocket over Swallownest) and the excellent details by Chris Hobbs,”The Beighton Doodlebug-Xmas Eve 1944”